Enjoy this compilation of phone videos provided by fans when Scott Greeson and Trouble With Monday, along with special guest, Michael Kelsey, played the 2021 Taste of Tippecanoe on the Depot Stage. The video opens with photography by Mike Atwell and a section of the studio recording of Good Man, Bad Thing from The Proving Grounds album. The several minutes that follow show video clips of the live performance during the Taste.

Goin’Fishin’ is a Jason Wilber cover tune the band enjoys playing for audiences. The video was part of a 1-hour show that was pre-recorded by the band for the 2020 Virtual Taste of Tippecanoe. Thank you to Steve and Fletcher for helping create and edit the audio and video in a very short turn-around after a decision was made to take the festival virtual during the pandemic. There is another version of Goin’ Fishin’ out on the Scott Greeson Music YouTube channel where you can see scenes from the favorite fishing spot in northern Minnesota that Scott Greeson likes to visit with his dad, Glen.

Moped Man is a new song that was released on the Riverside album by Scott Greeson in 2019. This 1-minute video is from the opening of this tune during the live performance at the album release concert, March 31, 2019 at Carnahan Hall. Joining Scott Greeson and Trouble With Monday for the concert was Michael Kelsey on guitar. He’s a cowriter of the song, and was the producer of the Riverside album.

This video of Goin’ Fishin’ will take you to a VERY cold evening for the Barn Dance at Prophetstown State Park in October 2018. Everyone was bundled up for a fun night of music!

In a live performance at the Lawrence County Fair in Bedford, Indiana, the band is taking the audience to Brooklyn, Indiana with a tune about the filling station formerly owned by Mel Hacker, granddad of Scott Greeson. His song, The Station, is on the Hoosier Surf album. Michael Kelsey joined the band on lead guitar for the show!

Burning Heart is an original tune by pianist and vocalist Lee Anna Atwell. This is an informal video of Burning Heart that was taken when Scott Greeson & Trouble With Monday was performing at the Lawrence County Fair in July 2018.

If I Had a Train is one of the new songs written by Scott Greeson. It’s on the Riverside album. Watch the band perform the song in this late October show in the barn at the Historic Farm at Prophetstown in Prophetstown State Park, Battle Ground, Indiana in October 2017. The band continues to return to The Farm at Prophetstown each year, usually for a couple of different occasions. See for details of upcoming concerts.

A compilation video of performances by Scott Greeson and Trouble With Monday. Scenes from Klipsch Music Center in Noblesville, Indiana (Live Nation Concerts), Taste of Tippecanoe, Delphi Opera House and more. 2016. You can book Scott Greeson and Trouble With Monday through David Leonards, International Entertainment Bureau, ieb @ prodigy dot net.

Scott Greeson and Vickie Maris Greeson joined Lee Anna Atwell for an impromptu set of tunes when Lee Anna was booked to represent SAMI (Songwriters of Mid-North Indiana) for a Farmers Market. This threesome leads the vocal effort in the 7-piece band, Scott Greeson and Trouble With Monday. 2017

Scott Greeson and Kevin Ludwig performing their original, instrumental tune, The Prophet, during a booking at the Indianapolis International Airport. This tune is available on the Wabash Gypsies album.

Llama Dance is an instrumental tune from the Wabash Gypsies album. It is by Scott Greeson and Kevin Ludwig. The photos in the video feature Vickie and Scott’s llamas on their Dawn of Promise Farm in Battle Ground, Indiana. Photography by Vickie Maris. Video by Cheryl Fletcher.

Scott Greeson in trio with Vickie Maris Greeson and Greg Brassie for an evening at the Delphi Public Library in Delphi, Indiana. This tune, At The Riverside, is by Scott Greeson.

Scott Greeson and Trouble With Monday have been booked to play on several occasions at the barn at the Historic Farm at Prophetstown State Park. This video features the tune, Wabash Gypsies, from the Wabash Gypsies album.