Vickie Maris Greeson – guitar, accordion, vocals

Vickie Maris Greeson sings harmony vocals for Scott, plays acoustic guitar and piano accordion. She and Scott have been married since 2008 and Vickie performs with Scott and the band Trouble with Monday. Scott and Vickie have been playing music together since 1999 when Vickie asked him to join a contemporary Christian worship band, Brand New Day. Later, she also sang with Scott’s band which played fairs, festivals and other venues. Brand New Day recorded a CD in 2001, “For the Days Ahead,” which featured several original tunes they had written.
Comments from Vickie: Music has been an integral part of my life. When my parents received a record album of the musical “I Do, I Do,” for an anniversary, I memorized all the lyrics and wore the album out as a preschooler.
I have wonderful memories of school choirs, participating in musicals in junior high and high school and being a member of the State 4-H Chorus, and later, Choral Club in Purdue Musical Organizations. I sang in our church choir for years. Some of the most influential people in my life have been my school music teachers, vocal coaches, choir directors and instructors of guitar and accordion.
I will never forget Mrs. Perry, the music teacher at Burtsfield Elementary, and her enthusiasm for life as well as her ability to expand our horizons beyond the old music standards and on to tunes with African or Latin roots.
Our delightful director, DeDe Mantock, at Purdue Musical Organizations, is the person I credit with turning me into a soloist through her confidence in me when I had very little confidence of my own. Mrs. Sullivan introduced me to the world of guitar playing. Gary Blair, Beverly Fess, Courtney Von Drehle, and Murl Allen Sanders are the accordionists who inspire and encourage me in my quest to improve each day as an accordion player. The late Marta Kemble, music director at First Christian Church, was my buddy in the soprano section for more than 20 years. She had perfect pitch, a perfect heart and a voice that no one will ever be able to imitate. I will spend a lifetime, though, trying to emulate Marta’s lovely notes and lovely soul.
I have worked in various roles in ag business as a marketing communications professional, and more recently in higher education at Purdue University and the University of Notre Dame. As a consultant, speaker, author and coach, I now run Vickie J. Maris LLC.
My spare time is filled with the joys of life on our llama farm and playing music.