Lee Anna Atwell – Piano, Vocals


Pianist and vocalist in the band, Scott Greeson and Trouble With Monday, is highly accomplished singer-songwriter, Lee Anna Atwell. She loves being a part of so many interesting music projects! Her own latest album is Burning Heart which is available on iTunes. You can learn more about her original music on her site: Lee Anna Music.

One of her favorite things to do is provide musical support by adding harmonies and piano to her fellow songwriters’ projects.

She splits her time between leading worship, performing with her bands and providing musical support to the choirs at McCutcheon High School.  

Lee Anna was one of several winners of the Indiana Arts Commission Individual Artist Grant during 2015. This $2,000 cash grant was used to purchase a computer and software that allows her to score choral music. She was able to write and arrange several songs for McCutcheon High School choirs during the grant period.

Lee Anna was born into a musical family. She started playing piano at age 3 and was writing songs by age 6. Her first lyrics were, “Now I’ve met a boy I know that I like and if you dare to touch him — I’ll hit you with a spike.” She performed at school functions and played for church throughout high school.
Her first band was formed in 1984 when she was 14. She played keyboard and sang back-up. She has always enjoyed adding vocal harmonies to music. Even singing in the car she finds herself belting out a harmony part more often than not!

She has played with several bands including Legal Tender, Voices Of Eve, Groove Catz, and Trouble With Monday. She has also done session work on more CDs than she can remember. The love of her life is husband, Mike Atwell. They have two children, Caitlin and Daniel, and two grandchildren.