Kevin Ludwig – Lead Guitar


Kevin Ludwig has been writing and performing with Scott Greeson for more than 12 years and is lead guitarist for Trouble with Monday. He began playing guitar as a teenager, introduced to music through his sister’s record collection. He has played in a number of bands over the years and lists his influences as Eric Clapton, Pat Metheny and Pat Martino.

Whether Kevin is holding an acoustic guitar or electric, his sound is unique, recognizable and unforgettable.
In working with Scott, an unbreakable creative bond has developed. As Scott says, “Kevin is one of Indiana’s, if not the Midwest’s, most talented guitarists. What makes him unique to me is his ability to sense when to play his incredibly tasty riffs without ever over-playing. He truly enhances everything he plays.”
Originally from New York City, Kevin graduated from Purdue University. He taught at Benton Central School Corp. for 18 years before becoming a teacher in Indianapolis Public Schools. He lives in Indianapolis.