Greg Brassie – Bass

I was playing in a worship team with Stan Wallace and he told me that I was going to be his bass player in a new band. I must have said “OK.”  A year later it became Trouble with Monday, and after another year, we joined with Scott as his band, but kept our name. We have really enjoyed being with Scott.

I picked up my first bass my senior year at Purdue University. I joined some professors in a jug band and made my first bass out of a #2 washtub and a broomstick with a mic laying on a pillow under the tub. It worked really well! My first professional experience was with the band Coyote, in Boulder, Colo. around 1978. We did the Rocky Mountain club scene for about a year. I picked up a  few guitars, early on, but quickly realized that bass was my true love. To me, the bass is the true “feel” of the music. It holds everything else together, providing the tempo, the bottom and the groove of the music. How could you not love that?
I currently play two American Fender Jazz basses, four and five string, and two Carvin basses, five and six string. The six string Carvin is a fretless bass and always brings a different tone and feel to the music.
I have worked at Kirby Risk Electrical for almost 30 years, being an account manager for the last 20. I work with a lot of industries, providing them the sales, service and project support that they need. I’m a real “homebody,” so playing and working around our home in Mulberry is a good time. I have a wonderful wife, Peggy, and we’ve been busy raising two beautiful girls for the last 20 years. They are both accomplished pianists, and the oldest is just finishing her first year at Indiana State, majoring in “music business.” Her sister is in her senior year of high school this fall. If I feel the need, I can go into our music room and jam, or if I “really feel the need” I can jump on my Harley and take a cruise.

It has been a real blessing working with Scott. He is not only a great musician and songwriter, but just a “truly great guy.” We do a lot of fairs, festivals and concert events, and always have a good time playing together. Scott is the perfect band leader and “front man.” I appreciate that, because I like to be the strong silent type. Our band is a group of “seasoned professionals” so we’ve become very tight over the years. We all share faith in God and that has created a special bond between us. Scott and Lee Anna are always writing new tunes, so we keep things pretty fresh. I hope to continue playing with Scott for many years to come.